A Christmas Blogging Carol

We’ll, tomorrow is Christmas Day but you’ll probably agree with me that today is truly the most important Christmas day. Today people will be crazy buying those last few presents, today people will be excited thinking about tonight. Today people will be sending messages by SMS and Facebook and Twitter, etc., trying to forget no one and being as much cheerful as possible while thinking about the logistics of the dinner and night and all the family together. A few hours from now people will finally sit down at a beautiful table, full of cozy food and drinks and will smile of happiness and relief of having endured it all to end up here, together. Conversation will start. Some will talk about whatever they want, in this small interval in the middle of the rush of the days, others will end up feeling bad for having said that, but most people will be grateful. Presents will be given, embraces will heal some wounds and everyone will go to bed extremely late, because today is Christmas.

Some will be furiously blogging everything, while no one is reading, because this is the night the internet switches off, in fact. Nothing will be open, everything will be closed, except our hearts and minds — and if this is too corny, sorry about it.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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