The reason people don’t read your blog

It’s easy: you may be a very good writer, but there are more good writers around than ever before — and all of them have access to a publishing platform.

Let’s be honest: many years ago most readers read with pleasure without ever thinking about writing. It was too difficult, reserved for an urban elite and it was not terribly interesting. And, in fact, there was not so many readers in the first place. So, there were fewer readers and among them fewer wannabe writers. But then education exploded, Internet arrived, publishing became easier (at least the vanity variety of which amateur blogging is an example) and everybody could read a lot and dream a lot about writing — and, in fact, write a lot.

This is the resulw: we have trillions of blogs. And I bet there are loads of them very well written and very interesting indeed. But since there are so many of them, just a few of them can be really successful. And so frustration abounds and a general sadness persists and people start believing other people just don’t value talent anymore.

That’s not the case: the problem is talent is not rare anymore. We have loads of talent in any single tag in WordPress.

The trick is to get the luck we need to make our talented writing (if it really is talented…) stand out in the middle of so much wonderful writing.

That’s also about that that this blog is about…


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