Why is blogging so addictive?

First of all, it is easy. At least, it’s easy to start — not so much to keep going, which sometimes feel like hard work. Then, reward is immediate. People like our posts, people comment out posts — our brain tells us those people like us!

So, we want people to notice us, to read us and to love us. That’s why negative comments hurt so much and blogging discussions easily turn into nasty hate sessions.

Since we rarely get negative comments until our blog is read by many people, the beginning is very addictive. And then, when we finally get to the point when lots of people read our blog, negative comments don’t subtract from the addictiveness of it all, since we are being loved by so many people.

Drugs make us forget loneliness. Blogging makes us believe we are not alone. It’s addiction all around.

It happens to be a whole lot of fun. So, of it isn’t impacting your life in a negative way, blog away…


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