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Chris Arnade responds, says the religious will feed me

Coyne’s rules for someone who is writing on the net are very useful. Grow a thicker skin and do better yourself. Do you agree?

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Barry kindly alerted Chris Arnade on Twi**er to the post I wrote yesterday . As you may recall, that post criticized Arnade’s piece in the Guardian arguing that atheism is a luxury for the wealthy.

Arnade replied with a series of tw**ts :

In his first, he promised Barry to retweet my piece if I spelled his name correctly. Indeed, I think I spelled it three different ways in the first version, including “Arnaud,” which is embarrassing. (The post was written in one go with no proofing.) After Barry informed me of this tw**t, I corrected the spelling. And I apologize for the errors.

Picture 1

Then, the retweet. Note that my photo on Twi**er is of Pia, Hili’s predecessor (she had only one tooth, a front fang, and so she always looked as if she was grimacing):

Picture 2

But of course Arnade didn’t agree with my piece (he doesn’t say why…

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